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The vision of Football United Academy is to be the leading light in developing talent and values in Canadian youths whereby they are beneficial to the society both as soccer players and as human beings.


FUA Mission Statement – who we are?

“Football United Academy provides players with a professional academy experience in Ontario, Canada. Our mission is to develop players that can compete at the highest level by helping them acquire foundational and fundamental life and soccer skills, develop as players and confidently move forward in their football journey to the highest possible level the individual player can achieve through the windows of opportunities within and outside Canada. We will accomplish this by working together as a team and having the passion and desire for our players to succeed.”


FUA Long Term Player Development Pathway

The FUA Long Term Player Development Pyramid shows the player pathway of how players progress through the Club:


Why are we different?


At FUA we pride ourselves on our professionalism, what it takes to reach the highest level of the game professionally, in depth knowledge of the game both on and off the pitch, the care we show to our players and our families, and the respect afforded to each and every player who enters the FUA Family. We want each player to enjoy their time with the club, be challenged in a positive coaching environment and improve themselves as players and as people as they progress through the FUA Long Term Player Development Pathway LTPD.

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The Soccer Skill, Ball Mastery and Technical Development School provides a fun filled all-year round technical training for our NEXT gen players. This is meant for players that want to develop and improve on their individual skills and technique before moving up to play in a more demanding environment/teams where they will be able to use the already acquired technique without stress or pressure to perform.



Games: Possibility of friendly inter squad games with our teams. Friendly games


Please note that the above information is subject to change – all efforts will be made to keep to the above Team Calendar, but occasionally circumstances beyond FUA’s control might cause unexpected changes to occur. These will be communicated without delay should they arise

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  • 2 Indoor Turf Training Session

  • 2 Outdoor Training Session

  • Veo Camera Service

  • Fundamental Skills Training with Techne Football App

  • Long Term Player Development.

  • Call ups to inter squad friendly games with our teams

  • Kit



The cost of Yearly Tuition for the 2021 / 2022 season is $1,400 CAD per player.

You can choose to pay the full amount due when completing the Registration process or choose the payment plan. The registration process has a deadline of November1st 2021.



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